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Arial photo of Farm Yard in 1972 Lynn and Claude are playing in the yard

Arial photo of Farm Yard in 1985

Arial photo of Farm Yard in 1998

Arial photo of Farm Yard in 2009

Arial photo of Farm Yard in September 05, 2015


Leo Simard DOB21/12/1969 ❤14/02/2003 Melanie Simard DOB04/10/1978

Roxane Simard DOB22/01/2010

Alix Simard DOB07/05/2012

Simon SimardDOB28/10/2013

Simard Family Tree

Roland Simard DOB30/01/1936 ✞07/12/1997 ❤23/10/1962 Lorraine Guenette DOB18/09/1943

Henry Simard DOB19/09/1901 ✞04/01/1981 ❤02/05/1921 Marie Tremblay DOB1904 ✞

George Simard DOB1875 ✞1957 ❤06/08/1900 Leonide Laprise ✞1909 ❤1912Eugenie Roussel DOB21/08/1883 ✞18/11/1976

Thomas Simard DOB1847 ✞ ❤16/07/1872 Celeste Piche DOB1852

Pascal Simard DOB16/10/1811 ✞18/03/1884 ❤ Adelaide Lachance DOB06/01/1818 ✞11/03/1883

Alexis Simard DOB16/05/1764 ✞14/03/1816 ❤ Scholastique Gaudreau DOB08/08/1789 ✞01/07/1857

Ange Simard DOB12/03/1722 ✞08/05/1783 ❤ Marie-Roch Tremblay DOB13/05/1727 ✞01/12/1774

Ange Simard Lombrette DOB28/07/1692) ✞ ❤ Therese Letartre DOB 19/02/1699 ✞01/04/1731

Noel Simard DOB07/10/1664 ✞09/04/1726 ❤ Anne Dodier DOB28/02/1671 ✞08/12/1728

Noel Simard dit Lombrete DOB1637 ✞24/07/1715) ❤13/11/1660 Madeleine Racine DOB25/07/1646 ✞03/12/1726

Pierre Simard dit Lombrette DOB1612) ❤02/12/1635 Suzanne Durand DOB1610 ❤25/05/1631 Catherine Boudier DOB1610

Marsault Simard Ozanne Ouellet

Contemporain du Grand Roi,
Biographie de Noel Simard dit

Paul Mederic 1956


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